CheckList Plugin for WordPress

Easily Add Checklist's to your WordPress Posts and Pages.

Add Styled Checklists to your Blog

Adding Checklists to your pages is a great way to highlight important lists to your readers. Checklist Plugin comes with three in-built themes, and more with future updates!

Checklist WordPress Plugin Examples

Really Easy to Use

Easily create, manage and insert Checklists into WordPress posts and pages, right from the edit screen

WordPress users who love Checklist Plugin

It's really simple to use and the styles are good.

Jamie Barrett, UK

I use this to add cool lists to my posts, it mixes up my blog content and is a great little plugin!

Miz Rahman, Brand Designer @ MRK Design

Quick and Easy lists, what more do you want?!

Mike Stott,

CheckList Plugin Overview

Checklist Plugin for Wordpress makes it seriously easy to insert checklists into your posts and pages. By making it easy, the plugin can be used more often, letting you add another layer of content to your blog. Designed to be simple but very useful.

Easy To Install
Easy to Install

Checklist Plugin is very easy to install.
Just upload like any other WordPress plugin, it requires no setting configuration!

Three Styles built in to Check list plugin for WordPress!
Styles & Themes

Checklist Plugin comes with three themes
(Standard, Lined Paper, and Hand-Written.)
It's also easy to tweak the customise the look of your checklists, we even include CSS and SASS guides.

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Easy to Create, Manage and Insert

Checklist Plugin works directly from your edit page.
You can add, edit or copy and insert a checklist into your post. There is also a management area for admins!

Checklists for WordPress: Features

Easy Checklists. Checklists from your edit page.

Easily Manage Checklists from the WordPress Edit Page

Just a click of the Checklist button from your WordPress toolbar and up pops your Checklist Editor. From here it's really quick to create and insert a checklist into your page or post.

Themes. Styled Checklists in Seconds.

Three built-in themes and more!

With three built-in themes, you can use Checklist Plugin straight away. You can also easily customise and extend the styles of your checklists with your own CSS styles. Click here to see live examples.

Get Checklist Plugin

Purchasing this plugin is quick and easy and you will get direct access to the plugin zip file via your email. Simply click Buy Now to get Checklist Plugin.

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  • Free updates for life.
  • Customer Support via Email.
  • Easy Digital Download.
  • Use on One Domain.

Buy Now ($12.00)

Extended License (For Developers)

Are you a developer who wants to use Checklist Plugin across multiple WordPress installs? (Perhaps for clients.) This extended license allows you legal reuse of the plugin.

  • Free updates for life.
  • Customer Support via Email.
  • Easy Digital Download.
  • Use on Multiple Domains.

Buy Extended License ($60.00)

Frequently Asked Questions

Which version should I buy?

If you need to use the plugin on more than one website, then get the Extended version, otherwise get the regular.

Where can I see more?

Checklist Plugin is now on CodeCanyon, you can see it live with customer ratings here: Checklist Plugin on CodeCanyon

Do you have an examples page?

Sure, Click here to see live examples.

I have a question!

We'll be happy to help. If you can't find the answer on this page then please get in touch.

Will this automatically work with my theme?

Yes. Checklist Plugin is designed to work with all WordPress themes. Extremely modified layouts may require a little style tweaking. Please read the docs should you wish to modify styles (it's easy with CSS.)

How To Add A Checklist: Video

Watch how easy it is to add a checklist to your post with this helpful video: