Example Checklists

Below you can see some quick examples of the Checklist WordPress Plugin in action

Each of the following examples has been easily added and inserted directly from the WordPress post editor screen. Checklist Plugin makes creating, managing and inserting check lists really easy.

This is the default example checklist

  • Install Checklist Plugin
  • Look at first example checklist
  • Be Awesome!
  • Tweet to @checklistplugin
  • Like Checklist Plugin on Facebook
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WordPress Install Example

  • Upload WordPress Zip
  • Install a security plugin (limit login attempts)
  • Install an SEO plugin (All-in-one-SEO)
  • Update WordPress settings
  • Choose a theme and tweak it
  • Start Posting!
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Another Example List: Shopping

  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Bacon
  • Bread
  • Cheese
  • Tea Bags
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Plugin Benefits

  • Checklists enrich your blogging / content
  • Makes adding a checklist easy
  • Comes with 3 built in styles
  • Drag and drop ordering
  • Easily customise with CSS (or Sass!)
Powered by Checklist Plugin

How To Add A Checklist: Video

Watch how easy it is to add a checklist to your post with this helpful video: